The tools offered through this site, and through additional support from our technical assistance faculty and staff, can help community stakeholders:

  • Improve their communication both internally and externally
  • Organize their work cohesively
  • Track their progress
  • Improve their use of strategic planning and internal evaluation
  • Effectively identify technical assistance needs

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CMHI Communities

Tools for Sustaining Community Created Systems Of Care

Soon after SOC communities receive CMHI funding from SAMHSA, they are asked to map out their desired system change, plan how to accomplish that change, and generate shared responsibility for the results.

The USF Logic Model Team provides assistance to community teams as they accomplish these tasks. This process is called a "theory of change" and the tool to complete the process a "logic model." Visit the links below to learn more about the logic model development process.

Monograph: Ideas Into Action
This monograph provides a straightforward method that system stakeholders can use to turn their ideas into tangible action-oriented strategies for achieving their goals for system development. (Espanol)

Featured Logic Models
Listen to narrations or view pdfs by site directors and others involved in system development that demonstrate key components of planning for sustainability.

Recommended Reading
Browse the collection of outstanding literature gathered regarding many aspects of logic model development and implementation.