Thrive Community Youth Logic Model: Working Together for a Brighter Tomorrow
Lewiston, ME

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THRIVE Primary Audience

  • Underserved Youth
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Questioning and Two Spirited (GLBTQ2S)
  • Refugee/Immigrant
  • Uninsured/underinsured youth
  • Homeless youth
  • Youth in transition
  • Early Childhood/School Age
  • Rural Youth

The THRIVE Initiative is a partnership between Children’s Behavioral Health Services, a division of the State of Maine's Department of Health & Human Services, the lead agency Tri-County Mental Health Services, and other providers in Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties. THRIVE seeks to impact youth (birth to 20) who struggle with mental health issues and are involved with child welfare or juvenile justice. Recognizing that youth and families are impacted in one way or another by trauma, and that seeking services is sometimes frustrating and potentially re-traumatizing, the intent of THRIVE is to build a system of care that understands the effects of trauma and avoids re-traumatizing those who seek services. Children with a history of trauma can show up in any place: in school, in a community mental health center, in a homeless shelter, in a foster home, or even in a youth correctional facility. Families often face a bewildering maze of services available through schools, communities, health care providers, counseling agencies, law enforcement, etc. Getting connected with the right services at the right time and learning how they can work together can be one of the toughest challenges. This narration shares information on THRIVE's development of a community youth logic model and their efforts to provide youth with a chance to have meaningful participation with a system of care that empowers youth and families through leadership and advocacy.

Narrator Biography

Brianne Masselli

Brianne Masselli
Youth Coordinator, THRIVE

Brianne Masselli is the Youth Coordinator for Thrive, Maine's Trauma Informed System of Care. Brianne has overcome much adversity within her adolescent years that motivated her to pursue a career in social services. Brianne has utilized her personal experience in the system to advocate, empower and create systems change. Brianne received her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Johnson & Wales University in Providence Rhode Island. Brianne currently is a member of Youth M.O.V.E National and is enrolled at University of South Florida for the certificate program for Children's Mental Health.