Kentucky's System to Enhance Early Development (KY SEED)
Richmond, KY

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The purpose of creating our logic model was to have a structure that drives the planning, management, and evaluation of KY SEED’s goals, objectives, and strategies, and to ensure a strong partnership among early childhood stakeholders that will result in successful implementation of the system of care. The logic model process brought early childhood partners together to create a common vision and mission around the early childhood system of care, thereby creating a clear message upon which KY SEED’s initiatives are put into effect. The logic model serves as an evolving framework for all KY SEED planning and implementation efforts. As a statewide initiative, meeting the literacy level of a wide audience was a potential challenge. This challenge was addressed by simplifying the text, providing narration and visual cues, and utilizing symbolic images to depict system complexities.


Narrator Biography

Cindy Held
Social Marketing Specialist

Cindy Held is the Social Marketing Specialist for Kentucky’s System to Enhance Early Development (KY SEED) housed at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in English. Her professional background includes marketing and corporate communications experience as well as experience coordinating training for a state-funded organization benefitting state agency children in Kentucky. Her duties at KY SEED include providing technical assistance to state and regional efforts to promote early childhood mental health, organizing and coordinating social marketing/communication activities and materials and ensuring they reflect the core system of care values and principles.